Jack and Betty Gwynne

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Jack and Betty Gwynne at Stocking Farm.

In 1934 Jack Gwynne took on the tenancy of Stocking Farm.  Jack moved there with his sister Jessie Gwynne and their 73 year old mother, Julia Gwynne. Julia died in 1947 aged 85.
Jack (b.12/01/1903) and Betty Gwynne (b.06/01/1913) were married in 1938 and farmed at The Stocking, until 1948. They raised their first two sons there; Robert (b.26/02/1941) and Richard (b 25/08/1944)
 These photographs were taken between 1934 and 1948, the years covering the Second World War and a period of significant change in both agricultural policies and practices in food production.  The National Farm Survey for England and Wales (1942) recorded the farm as being a ninety two acre holding with a farm cottage, barn, out buildings and a worker’s cottage attached. Water supply was available to the farmhouse and buildings but there was no electricity and no public or private lighting available for household or farm use. One part-time worker was employed on the farm.
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Betty Gwynne

Jack Gwynne. Stocking Farm (1930s - 1940s)

Jack Gwynne

Robert Gwynne

Betty Gwynne. 1940s

Jack Gwynne. Stocking farm with sons, Richard and Robert (1944)

Jessie, Jack and Julia Gwynne. Stocking Farm (1930s)

Stocking Farm 1940s. Betty Gwynne with Richard and Robert Gwynne on right. Adult and children on left unknown.