How to use

All activity cards and material can be copied and used in school, or indeed at home with parents!

Activity Card 1 Dawley High Street:

In conjunction with this activity you will need to use the 1882 map of the High Street area which is provided in the pack.

Additional material on the Website:

From the Dawley Heritage website,, under the Activities for School section, you can view the list of shops in the High Street in the early 1900s with a comparison to shops in the 1970s taken from the memoirs of Noah Ball. You can also read Clifford Blocksidge’s memories of the Dawley High Street in the 1920s; read an article written by Gill Egan in 2009 on the High Street, and you can look at a range of photos and drawings of the High Street. In addition you can listen to podcasts of people’s memories of the Dawley High Street recorded in 2009.

Activity Sheet 2 Dawley Map:

For this activity you will need the 1882 map of the High Street area which is provided. You will also require a modern map of Dawley either in hard copy (not provided), or from the internet.

Additional material on the Dawley Heritage Website:

In addition, you might wish to have children look at relevant heritage site photos and drawings on the website, and/or to take them on a walk around this area. There are also podcasts by Ken Jones on Heritage sites on the Dawley Heritage Trail which you may find useful. You may find some of the Reminiscences podcasts useful as well.

Activity Sheet 3 Edith Pargeter:

Find out about the life of Edith Pargeter using this activity sheet in conjunction with the Dawley Heritage website- Dawley People web pages on Edith Pargeter

Activity Sheet 4 William Ball:

You will find all the information on William Ball from the Dawley People web page on him. Use this information to complete the activities on this sheet. In addition, you will find photos of his stick and chair in this section of the website.

Activity Sheet 5 Battle of Cinderloo:

Use the information on the Cinderloo riots from the Events pages of the website to help complete these activities.

Activity Sheet 6 New from Old:

This activity can be completed without any other aids, or you may wish to use stimulus photos of old buildings on the heritage trail, some of which still exist and others which have been demolished, e.g. Dawley Castle, Roundhouse, Town Hall, Cosy Cinema, Ivy Cottage

Activity Sheet 7 Springwell Pit Disaster:

The Events section of the Dawley Heritage website contains a page on the Springwell Pit Disaster and you can look at the associated longer article, photos and drawings on the website.

Activity Sheet 8 Dawley Heritage Trail:

You will need a current ordinance survey map of the area to help complete this activity sheet. Alternatively you can choose to walk all or part of the Dawley Heritage Trail and/or to listen to the podcast which takes you around the 3 trail sections and gives you the history of the sites. There are also photos of the heritage sites and how these sites look now for you to use.