For Schools

Here’s a great new resource pack for teachers and parents. It is full of interesting activities for children to do which teaches them about the history of the Dawley area in an engaging way.

This pack is designed to be used with Primary School children in Key Stage 2. There are 8 varied activity cards which give children an opportunity to explore the Dawley Heritage Website at the same time as having some fun whilst learning!

Activities will give an insight into people, places and events in Dawley’s history as well as build on children’s literacy, numeracy, ICT, geography, and history knowledge.

All activity cards and material can be copied and used in school, or indeed at home with parents!

Please click here to find out how to use the activity cards.

High Street Podcasts

John Poole & Mervin Price Download>>>
Malcom Peel
Suzette Collier Download>>>
  • Sheet 1

    In conjunction with this activity you will need to use the 1882 map of the High Street area.

  • Sheet 2

    For this activity you will need the 1882 map of the High Street area.

  • Sheet 3

    Create a time line showing the main events in Edith’s life.

  • Sheet 4

    Create a belt big enough to fit around William’s waist.

  • Sheet 5

    There were many men employed in the mines in the Dawley area.

  • Sheet 6

    Many buildings in Dawley have changed and some have been replaced.

  • Sheet 7

    The Events section of the website contains a page on the Springwell Pit Disaster.

  • Sheet 8

    You will need a current ordinance survey map of the area to complete this sheet.