Reading List

Local Publications

A Pig on the Wall View of Dawley Dave Gregory
Dawley Green B.T. Duckett
Dawley’s Lost generation: The men & Women from Dawley
Urban District who laid down their lives for their country
during WW1
Dave Shaw
Dawley’s Special Day. Memories of the Demonstration. Ingrid Finch
Death & Disaster in Victorian Telford            Allan Frost
Pitmen, Poachers and Preachers Ken Jones
Lost Villages of Telford George Evans
Mining in Shropshire. (Produced by Shropshire Caving &Mining Club). Edited by Adrian Pearce
Nothing Great is Easy. The story of Capt. Webb        David Elderwick
Owd Jockeys at War Toby Neal
Shropshire Place Names Anthony Poulton-Smith
South Telford, Ironbridge Gorge, Madeley & Dawley John Powell & M.A. Vanns
Ironbridge Gorge Through Time John Powell
Shaping of Shropshire. A guide to our rocky past published by
Shrop Wildlife Trust
Liz Etheridge
Shropshire Postcards from the Past. Telford. Ray Farlow & David Trumper
Telford 1968, the way we lived then  Allan Frost
Telford. A Pictorial History George Evans & Ron Briscoe
Telford. Britain in Old Photographs David Trumper
Telford. Living Landscape George Evans
Telford. Past and Present Shropshire Libraries and T.D.C.
Telford. Pictures from the Past. Toby Neal & Phil Gillam
Telford. The Making of Shropshire’s New Town Maurice De Soissons
The Dawley Book Great Dawley Parish & W.E.A.
The East Shropshire Coalfields Compiled by Ivor J. Brown
The Industrial Revolution in Shropshire Barrie Trinder
The Lilleshall Company Limited. A history 1764 – 1964 W.K.V. Gale & C.R. Nicholls
The Most Extraordinary District in the World. Barrie Trinder
Wrekin Ales Pubs in and around Shropshire Allan Frost