Dawley High Street according to the account of Noah Ball

Comparison of shops in Dawley High Street in the early 1900s and in the 1970s


Dawley High Street

(According to the Memoirs of Noah Ball)


LHS Early 1900s   LHS 1970s
From Bottom  
Claytons butchers, later Yates & Sons Butchers  
Billy Smith, Barber Bache’s Newsagents
Owdams Entry  
Vaughan Davies, Grocer Richard & Co
Johnson’s Toy Shop          Brittains
Lewis’s Confectioners      Brittains
Sweet Shop kept by John Barrett Phillips Furniture
Glass & China Shop kept by Mr Slaney Jones G. Harris
Ironmonger kept by Mr Slaney Jones G. Harris
Post Office Midland Bank
Plough Inn Watts Grocer
Henry Daralls, grocer Post Office
George Follow’s Shoe Shop Butchers shop
Railway Tavern Panter
Tom Weaver printer & newsagent, became a bank, closed by 1970s  
M.A. Johnson, hairdresser Woolleys
C.H. Greehalgh, wholesale grocer Woolleys
Clayton’s Butchers run by Dick Williams  
Severn Stars public house  
Greengrocer Espley & Barratt
W.Price, ironmonger Washerette
Phillips, grocers Dry cleaners
Store room used by J.R. Smith, grocer Whitefoots, chemist
Private house occupied by Edward Hopwood Whitefoots, Ironmonger
Powell’s toy shop Lloyds Bank
Crocker, barber Lloyds Bank
Market Hall  
UDC Offices Coleman’s & Gas Office
Lucky Little Butcher  
Fish & chip shop  
George public House W.E. Phillips & Son, furniture retailers
Elephant & Castle public house  
Pearce, newsagent  
Hubert Jaundrell, butcher  
J. Ball, grocer Hairdressers
B. Briscoe, green grocer  
B. Briscoe, green grocer  


RHS Early 1900s                                                                                                   RHS 1970s
From Top  
Royal Exchange public house Royal Exchange public house
Terrace of houses (inc a Saddler’s shop) Dawley Rest Room
Leather Tanner, Mr Sis Summers Taylor’s Cycles
Ben Preece, boot & shoe shop Preece & Sons
Evans, draper  
Henry Darrall  
Then entry to back of shop  
D.A. Pugh, draper  
Confectioner & tobacconists shop kept by M.A. Price  
Charlie Beddard, butcher Norgroves, butcher
Hairdressers kept by Horace Smith Kendalls, electricians
Oakleys greengrocers Kendalls, electricians
Meadow Road  
J.R Smiths Stores Fine Fare supermarket
Talbot Inn kept by Bert Downs  
Harry Lees, hairdresser Trustees Savings Bank
Butcher’s shop kept by Dockley Lewis Lewis’s newsagents
Pawnbrokers kept by Mr Uffadine, then part of greengrocers  
Bob Briscoe, greengrocer  
Carpenter, jeweller and cake shop  
Earl’s, photographer Café
George Rowe, newsagent and tobacconist Barber & Son, auctioneers
Harry Smith, outfitters  
Crown Inn kept by Fudger Martin  
Bemrose, chemists, kept by Fred Ogden Chemists
Hilton’s Boot shop Hilton’s shoe shop
Toy shop kept by Mr & Mrs Woodfin Chinese Restaurant
Buttery, grocer Chetwood & Rowlands, photographers
Entry to Women’s Institute 2 Storage for W.H. Phillips & Sons
Sweet shop  
John Woodings Stores, importer of American bacon  
Barclays Bank Taylors wool shop & outfitters
Pattie Machin’s, wool shop Taylors wool shop & outfitters
Private House originally occupied by Dr Soame Taylors wool shop & outfitters
Small shop kept by W.E. Phillips & Son, cloth dealer
& one or 2 cottages. He later est. furniture shop on
other side of High St. Shop & houses demolished &
bungalow built by Bert Poole and with garage beside it.


Dawley Produce
Paynes Bootery
Barclays Bank

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